Here is an over view of the attractions and prices for our activities - all prices in Philippine peso (PHP)

Countryside Trip of Bohol Island (8 hours max.)

Inclusions :

Blood Compact Site

Baclayon Church (Museum by request )

Python Sanctuary

Tarsier Watching

Loboc River Watching (Buffet Lunch on Loboc River Cruise : River Entrance & Lunch Separate Fee Payable at Loboc)

Adventure Park @ Loboc River (by request) e.g. Zipline, Cable Car

Hanging Bridge

Bilar Manmade Mahogany Forest

Chocolate Hills

Adventure Park @ Chocolate Hills (by request) e.g. ATV, Sipbike

Simply Butterflies (by request)

At Chocolate Hills, see this unique formation of 1,247 limestone ‘ humps ’– cone shaped hills - in the center of Bohol. Chocolate Hills is a phenomenon considered one of the Natural Wonders of the World. Turns brown in the dry months of April and May, resembling Hershey’s Cone Chocolate Kisses! Manmade Forest is to be found on the way to Chocolate Hills. Experience the fresh coolness of the gentle wind. It is said to have “a healthy effect that soothes weary souls”.

The Philippine Tarsier is the smallest primate in the world to be found only in Bohol. Tarsiers are small and weigh only about 110 to 145 grams or 4 to 5 ounces. Tarsiers have noticeably gigantic eyes, they are nocturnal and arboreal. They have extended legs and anklebones which are well modified for leaping. They hunt at night exclusively for insects.  Their diet consists of mainly crickets, grasshoppers and small lizards. Tarsiers can turn their head 180 degrees in either direction.

Baclayon Church is considered to be the oldest stone church in the Philippines, it is the Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception in Baclayon town of Bohol. The Baclayon Church is one of the best preserved churches build by the Spanish Jesuits after they arrived in 1595.

Only in 1717, Baclayon became a parish, and construction of a new church commenced. The church was created from coral stones. The workers used bamboo to move and lift the stones in position, and they used millions of white egg to cement the stones together. The existing building was finished in 1727. Baclayon Church is about 7 kilometers drive from Tagbilaran City.

* Entrance fees will be collected directly at above sites    

Car (1-3 persons) – P2,500 / car

Van (4-7 persons) – P3.000 / van

Van (8-11 persons) – P4,000 / van

Panglao Tour (7 hours max.)

Inclusions :

Dauis Church

Bohol Bee Farm

Petals Garden

Hinagdanan Cave

Shell Museum

Panglao Church

Panglao Beach

Bohol Vantage Resort

The Hinagdanan Cave is located in Panglao Island, Dauis, Bohol about 9 kilometers from Tagbilaran City. Hinagdanan means “laddered”. As you enter down into the cave via a narrow ladder like passage to find a naturally lit cave and lagoon with many stalactites and stalagmites. Notice the “powder puff” trees around the upper park area – ever seen before?     

White Sandy Beaches of Panglao are spotted in different places of Panglao Island. We can organize a car / van or motorized banka boat for you to enjoy swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, kayaking and undisturbed coral reefs and diverse marine life a perfect place to dive.. Panglao Beaches are one of the best tropical beaches in the region.

* Entrance fees will be collected directly at above sites    

Car (1-3 persons) – P2,300 / car

Van (4-7 persons) – P2.800 / van

Van (8-11 persons) – P3,500 / van

Dolphin Watching, Island Hopping at Balicasag and Virgin Island

– P4,500 per Boat (for up to 5 people)

Enjoy viewing to the playful dolphin jumping and experience the Island adventure! 05 30 am departure and return in the afternoon 1-3pm depending on how much time you spend at the Island.  Picnic, Lunch, Snack & Barbecue etc.. available at Balicasag Island – Extra Charge

Island Hopping at Balicasag Island (return by latest 4:00pm, max. 4 people)

– P4,200 per Boat

Picnic, Lunch, Snack & Barbeque etc.. available at Balicasag Island – Extra Charge

Sunset Cruising around Sherwood Bay Resort (5pm departure return by 6:30pm)

– P1.700 Per Boat

Sunset Inspires travel, productivity, hope & happiness! Catch the last remains of the day's light with us!







Experience Diver

We look forward to assisting you in either fun diving, refreshing your skills or improving (upgrading) your techniques. That most of all we wish for you to explore and experience the pleasures of diving in these world renowned dive destinations here in Bohol, Panglao Island.

Discover Scuba Dive

SPECIAL HELLO to all those people out there who really WOULD LIKE TO TRY ! Diving of course! Here’s how you can do it. You learn a few hand signs to communicate under the water. We teach you to breath through your regulator and get used to your balance. By this time you will begin to know it was worth your effort.  That is why we hope to see you in Sherwood Bay Resort to teach you at your own pace, we are here for you!

For kids

Some parents know the pleasures of diving and would teach their kids. Others -they want to, but can't but still want to give their kids the chance.

They can start to learn for their license at 10 years old – LET THEM TRY. At Sherwood Bay Resort, we are experienced with children and will teach them with all our loving care!

For wheel chair dependent

Are you dependent on a wheel chair? In Sherwood Bay Resort & Aqua Sports, we are qualified and experienced to teach you to dive and YOU CAN – By seeing the above message for first timers. With our assistance – we start in the same way.  We may have to ROLL YOU into the pool or the sea (from the boat). But we will always be there to catch you and help you to regain your balance after which you will be off – to dive – always with a qualified partner. 

Fireflies Watching @ Cortes  (5 30pm departure return by 9pm)

- P1,500 / car (1-3 persons)

- P2,000 / van (4-7 persons)

* Boat Fee - P1,500 Extra Charge

Please refer to the following link for information.










Bird Watching at Rajah Sikatuna National Park

- P2,500 / car (1-3 persons)

- P3,000 / van (4-7 persons)

For people who have a natural love for birds, bring along binoculars to obtain a clearer view of various species of birds!

Rajah Sikatuna National Park is the widest remaining forest in Bohol. This forested karst limestone areas were recognized and declared a National Park under Proclamation No. 129 in July 10, 1987. Presently known as the Rajah Sikatuna Protected Landscape, the park occupies a total land area of 9,023 hectares of land; 6,300 made up of forests, natural and man-made.

Danao Adventure Park (1 way max. 2 hrs 30mins)

Please see the link :

- P4,200 / car (1-3 persons)

- P5,200 / van (4-7 persons)

Anda Beach (1 way max. 2 hrs)

- P3,000 / car (1-3 persons)

- P3,800 / van (4-7 persons)


Can Umantad Falls at Candijay (Sherwood Bay Resort to Candijay 1 way max. 2 hrs)

- P3,500 / car (1-3 persons)

- P4,000 / van (4-7 persons)

Sagbayan Peak (1 way 1 30 - 2 hrs)

- P2,500 / car (1-3 persons)

- P3,000 / van (4-7 persons)

  • Hiking / Park

  • Swimming

  • Eating

  • Watching butterflies


Kawasan Falls at Balilihan (Sherwood Bay Resort to Balilihan 1 way 1 hour)

- P2,500 / car (1-3 persons)

- P3,000 / van (4-7 persons)

Mag Aso Falls (any day)    

- P2,500 / car (1-3 persons)

- P3,000 / van (4-7 persons)

Hinagdanan Cave (any day)    

- P1,000 / car (1-3 persons)      

- P1,800 / van (4-9 person)